Quick Start

1. Running the test-net environment, creating an account, and claiming test tokens.

Preparations for deployment and invocation of smart contracts

2. Installing JDK8, IntelliJ IDEA and NULS smart-contract plug-ins

Preparations for the development of smart contract code

Downloading JDK8 (Installation omitted)

Downloading IntelliJ IDEA (Installation omitted)

[Downloading NULS smart contract plug-ins] (https://nuls-usa-west.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com/plugins/Docs%26plugin.zip)

Installing the NULS smart contract plug-ins

3. Smart contract example

_Quickly compile and deploy a smart contract with the example _

  • Simple example

Import io.nuls.contract.sdk.Contract;
Import io.nuls.contract.sdk.Msg;
Import io.nuls.contract.sdk.annotation.Payable;
Import io.nuls.contract.sdk.annotation.Required;
Import io.nuls.contract.sdk.annotation.View;

Import java.math.BigDecimal;
Import java.math.BigInteger;

Public class SimpleContract implements Contract {

    Private String sayContent;

    Public void _payable() {
        // override this method and mark the @Payable annotation. The smart contract can receive direct transfer of the NULS wallet assets
        // you can do something else
        // ...

    Public String sayContent(@Required String content) {
        this.sayContent = content;
        Return "you want say " + content;

    Public String transferToContract() {
        // mark the @Payable annotation. Smart contract can receive NULS when invoking this method
        BigInteger value = Msg.value();
        BigDecimal nuls = new BigDecimal(value).movePointLeft(8);
        // you can do something else
        // ...

        Return "I received your transfer amount: " + nuls.toPlainString();

    Public String sayWhat() {
        If(sayContent != null) {
            Return "you want say " + sayContent;
        Return "you want say nothing.";

4. Smart contract repository

[Smart contract repository collected by NULS officials] (https://github.com/nuls-io/contracts)

[Community member Angelillou's smart contract - Partnership income distribution smart contract] (https://github.com/amalcaraz/nuls-partnership-smartcontract)

[Community member Angelillou's smart contract - Lottery factory smart contract for Nuls blockchain)

[Community member Naveen's Smart Contracts - Contract to write reviews for any product] (https://github.com/naveen7252/ProductReviewContract)

5. Deploying and invoking smart contracts

How to deploy and invoke the wallet smart contract

6. Smart contract specifications and syntax

Smart contract specifications and syntax

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